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Corona Virus Relief Fund 请注明 冠状病毒肺炎救助基金

  武汉肺炎基金进展报告(三) 2020 年 2 月 7 日
截止 2 月 7 日,收到捐款金额近 $10000.00, 感谢南卡哥伦比亚的所有支持者, 紧随着还会收到更多的捐助。
一, 根据世界卫生组织(WHO)的规定, 决定更改新的名称为:冠状病毒肺炎救 助基金 (Corona Virus Relief Fund)。同时捐赠网站以及哥伦比亚华人教堂 Facebook 进行了相应的更改。
二,通过 Carolinas Dermatology clinic 我们购买了超过 8000 美元的医资物品, 包括医用口罩,眼罩和隔离衣。目前组织正在努力将这些物资尽快送达中国的 医院。
1)已经通过一位回国学员带回 1600 个附有眼罩的 3 级口罩成功送达“湖南永顺 县人民医院”,此医院已经确诊多名患者。
2)发送了 19 箱医资物品到达纽约的湖北宜昌同乡会救助组织,正在送往湖北 医院。同时要求他们发送 一些物资到达我们所需的两家医院。
三,目前我们面临的挑战是购买正确的医资设备并及时发送到中国的医院。同 时我们南卡疫情组织还收到了其它华人组织的请求去帮助购买和发送物资。


Update 3

In accordance with WHO, we decide to change the name of the Wuhan relief fund.The new name:
Chinese. 冠状病毒肺炎救助基金
English: Corona Virus Relief Fund.  

change has been made accordingly in our donation site and church Facebook.   

The corona virus fund has close to $10000 donations and more is coming thanks all for the support.

Through the Carolinas dermatology clinic, we have purchased over $8000 protection supplies including medical masks , eye shields and isolations gowns.  We are busy sending those to the hospitals in China.

We have successfully sent out 1600 level 3 masks with eye shield through a returning scholar to  a county hospital in West Hunan where multiple patients  have been identified.  湖南永顺县人民医院。 

We also shipped 19 boxes of supplies to a relief organization  湖北宜昌同乡会 in New York. Those shall be sent to Hubei ‘s hospitals .  We also ask them to send some of our supplies to two hospitals our community have requested. 

The challenge we have now is to purchase the right equipment and send them to China in a timely fashion.   We also have received request from local community to help purchasing and sending  out supplies.  Thank you for all your support and prayer.



  冠状病毒肺炎救助基金 (Please scroll down for English)

目前,一种新兴的冠状病毒正在影响着中国成千上万的普通百姓。 由于疫情规模大,许多医院都
缺乏医疗用品。 许多人面临死亡的危险。 他们需要我们的帮助。

为了帮助受到武汉肺炎影响的患者和医疗专业人员,哥伦比亚华人社区共同发起 ”武汉肺炎救助





我们确定的第一个组织是MVI(国际医疗志愿者国际医生志愿者)。 http://medvolunteers.org/




支票抬头 请写 Corona Virus Relief Fund, Chinese Christian Church of Columbia
网上捐赠:点击 Donate 键,请注明 "Corona Virus Relief Fund")



Corona Virus Relief Fund

Right now a new emerging Coronavirus is affecting tens of millions of ordinary people in China.  
Due to the scale of the outbreak, there is a shortage of medical supplies in a lot of hospitals. 
A lot of people are facing the danger of dying.  They need our help.  

In order to help patients and medical professionals affected by this outbreak, the Columbia 
Chinese communities at large jointly sponsor the Corona Virus Relief Fund.

The sponsoring organizations include 

Chinese Association of Columbia 
Chinese Christian Church of Columbia
Chinese School of Columbia
Confucious Insitute, University of South Carolina
Living Stone Chinese Christian church

The fund will be used solely to purchase needed medical supplies and send them directly 
to hospitals in the affected area.

We will partner with a few reputable non-profit relief professional organizations to facilitate 
the purchase and transportation of supplies to China.   

The first organization we identified is MVI (Medical Volunteer International) http://medvolunteers.org/
They have years of experiences in the medical relief all over the world and have sent volunteer 

physicians to Wuhan already. They have established channels for the purchase and transportation 
of needed supplies.

We will also consider partnering with additional professional organizations as we move forward.

How to donate:

1. We will only accept monetary donations by check, cash, and online paypal donation.
2. Checks can be sent to Corona Virus Relief Fund, Chinese Christian Church of Columbia.
    Paypal donation: Click Donate key below. please add a note “for Corona Virus relief”.
3. All donations are tax-deductible. Please leave your name and address so we can send your
4. We will keep the process completely transparent: the amount of donation and the
    usage will be announced in a timely fashion on our website, Facebook and WeChat group.

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