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January 17, 2021   Chinese Sermon    Dr. Chuck Kwok - 控制舌头  Taming the Tongue      
January 17, 2021   English Sermon     Pastor Tom - Trials  
January 10, 2021   Chinese Sermon    Pastor Kunming - 将神的道讲解更加详细
                                        Explain the Word of God in more detail
January 10, 2021   English Sermon     Pastor Tom - Prayer  
January 3, 2021     Chinese Sermon    Peter Long - 但以理的读经
                                        Reading the Bible as Shown by Daniel
January 3, 2021     English Sermon     Chuck Kwok - Faith and Works  

December 27, 2020   Chinese Sermon    Liang Peng - 荣耀上升,平安降下
                                        Glory to God, Peace to Man
December 27, 2020   English Sermon    Pastor Tom - Christmas Blessings  
December 24, 2020   Christmas Serevice     
December 20, 2020   Chinese Sermon    Pastor Kunming - 因为在这城里我有许多的百姓
                                        Because I have many people in this city
December 20, 2020   English Sermon     Pastor Tom - Peace  
December 13, 2020   Chinese Sermon    Pastor Kunming -
                                        If a word can be worded, is it the eternal Word?
                                        If a god is an unknown god, is it the genuine God?
December 13, 2020   English Sermon     Nick Liu  
December 6, 2020     Chinese Sermon    Dr. Chuck Kwok - 信心与行为 Faith and Deeds     
December 6, 2020     English Sermon     Pastor Tom  

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