Tithes and offerings are a part of our worship to the Lord.

We can give in one of three ways   我们可以通过以下三种方式之一来奉献:

1.   The conventional way by mailing a check to:   以传统方式将支票邮寄至:

NOTE: Please use the NEW P.O. Box address for added security of mailed checks.
请注意:为安全起见请用新增的 P.O. Box 邮箱地址。

Chinese Christian Church of Columbia
P.O. Box 3928
West Columbia, South Carolina 29169

2.   Through our giving portal below  通过我们的捐赠帐户: (Log-in not required 不需登入)


3.   Or, please click the "Donate" button below to give through PayPal using Credit Card, Debit Card, or other means. Please designate in the "Add a note" field where the funds are to be allocated, such as General Fund, Mission Fund, Mercy Fund, etc. Otherwise, undesignated funds will be assumed to be for the General Fund.
或,请点击下面的“捐赠”按钮,使用信用卡,借记卡或其他方式以PayPal付款。 请在“添加备注”字段中指定奉献的分配,例如經常費用,差傳奉獻,慈惠奉獻等。未指定的奉献将会用于經常費用