Corona Virus Relief

Corona Virus Relief Fund 冠状病毒救助基金:                             (Please scroll down for English)

Coronavirus Relief Fund Update 9 (Final Update)

Final summary 

The last update was 04/17/2020, update 8.  
Total Fund raised:  $41885.26.
Total expenditure:  $38,928.76.  
Remaining fund:     $2956.50

1. Activities:  

 Stage 1: Purchasing and sending PPE to China to helping hospitals
 Stage 2: Purchasing and distributing about 25K PPE (masks and protection gowns)  to local communities, hospitals, and Hospitals in the New York/NJ/Virginia area.  We have provided help when the community’s needs were the greatest.  

The following is an incomplete list of communities we helped:
·         Prisma health / Richland hospital
·         VA hospital
·         Columbia Free clinic
·         God’s helping hand Clinic 
·         Eau Claire Cooperative Health
·         About 12 nursing homes, clinics and assisted living facilities in Columbia and Lexington.

2. Current needs:
      Most of the nursing homes and health clinics are doing much better.  As an example, Eau Claire Cooperative Health has been one our main relief targets.  Now they stop accepting individual PPE donations now.  The last batch we donated to them  went to local churches associated with the Eau claire.  However, Free Clinics still needs more support, their supplies are low. 

Thanks to the all community partners we have been working with, which include many local Chinese communities,  USC professors, MVI (Multinational Medical Volunteer), Lexington Hospital pastors (through Pastor Tom).

3. Future plan:
The fund has stopped receiving donations by the end of May.
The remaining fund (2956.50)  and remaining masks (about 800 masks) will be reserved for the fall and winter when we expect the second wave of COVID 19.  Our goal is always to support those who have urgent needs.

冠状病毒救助基金进展报告(八):(Update 8 @4/17/2020): 
三。@Lin Ko 的联系,有多个妈妈参与做布口罩,有朋友捐了$500买布,已经做了近三百个。部分已送到老人院和纽约。

Coronavirus Relief Fund Update Report (8): (Update 8 @ 4/17/2020):
  1. Continue to have USC, CIU alumni, friends and church families donated hundreds of masks, all been sent to the nursing home in need (six places this week).
  2. Today, I purchased  1,200 high-quality surgical masks from a friend in Columbia  at cost for $ 0.7 each.  We will send the masks to nursing homes and clinics in need next week.
  3. . @Lin Ko contacted, dozens of mothers have participated in making cloth masks,; a friend donated $ 500 to buy materials. They have already made  nearly 300. Some have been sent to nursing homes.  
  4. A nurse from our city is going to Nee York city Sunday and join the medical team to care for Covid 19 patients.  She will take with her a box of isolation gowns, a box of masks and  homemade cloth masks.   Please pray for her safety and her love.

Coronavirus Relief Fund Update #7

Update 7b CVF

Update (7) of corona virus fund

April 5, 2020

Link for donation and update Corona Virus Relief Fund

We had new donations coming last weekend at $14600. Total cash in the fund is $22600

Chinese communitieshaa been working  closely for the relief effort

We spent about $3600 for about 2150 KN95.

The 2000 KN95 masks from China arrived last week.

Working with MVI, we bought $20000 protection gowns (750 total) which should arrive 4/7. Chinese Association will donate $4000 for the purchase of the protection gears. The rest ($16000) will come from the Coronavirus relief fund.

MVI has secured more protection gears. They ask us to chip in $5000 to buy 250 protection gowns ($20 each).

We Plan to donate all arrived protection gowns and 1000 KN95 to Prisma health/Richland hospitals next week.

What we already done  a. Donate KN 95 to VA hospital, nursing home, Newberry family medicine, and A New Jersey hospital.  B. Delivered regular surgical masks to local nursing home and Assistant living facilities. C. We delivered 150 surgical masks to Dr Boone at west Columbia today (see photo); she learns about our work by watching TV news! We mailed 150 surgical masks to two doctors in New York and Virginia, both family members of Columbia Chinese community.

Update 7a CVF
March 30th2020

1.  Link for donation and update https://ccccolumbia.blogspot.com/p/wuhan-pneumonia-relief-fund.html
2. We had new donations coming last weekend at $14600. Total cash in the fund is $22600
3. We spent about $3600 for about 2150 KN95 from China 10 days ago. The balance of the fund shall be around $19000 left.
4. The first batch of 1000 KN95 masks from China shall come tomorrow.
5. We delivered 150 surgical masks to Dr Boone at west Columbia today (see photo); she learns about our work by watching TV news!  We mailed 150 surgical masks to two doctors in New York and Virginia, both family members of Columbia Chinese community. 
6. A family doctor in Newberry requested some KN95 since they need to triage patients.  We plan to give 50 to them tomorrow. 


由于Covid-19大流行已经到达我们社区,上周五个华人社团组织在网上讨论决定 重新开放冠状病毒救助基金以帮助当地社区在疫情中的需求。




(冠状病毒救助基金的最初目的是支持中国的救灾工作。如果您328日之前的捐款必须用于中国的救灾工作 而不能用于华人社区救灾,您可以在44日之前发送电子邮件到trey.cccc@gmail.com要求退款。)

Coronavirus Relief Fund Update #6
After a meeting with the sponsoring organizations early last week, there was agreement and desire to reopen the Coronavirus Relief Fund to meet the ongoing local needs due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  

The sponsoring organizations are:
Chinese Association of Columbia
Chinese Christian Church of Columbia
Chinese School of Columbia
Confucious Insitute, University of South Carolina
Living Stone Chinese Christian church  

As of March 28, 2020, there is $7,960.87 remaining in the fund. Since the needs in China have subsided, the funds will be directed to assisting local hospitals and clinics for obtaining much needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  Any other use of the fund will be in consultation among the sponsoring organizations.  Donations are being managed through the Paypal account of the Chinese Christian Church of Columbia.  It is imperative that donors leave a note designating that this donation is for the Coronavirus Relief Fund.  Thank you.

(Note: The original purpose of the Coronavirus Relief Fund was to support the relief effort in China. If you made a donation with only the relief effort in China in mind, you may request a refund of your donation from the Chinese Christian Church of Columbia treasurer.  Requests must be made to trey.cccc@gmail.com by April 4.)

截止 3 月 22 日,捐款基金大约剩下$7000.00。
一, 根据美国目前的疫情趋势越来越严重,我们的南卡哥伦比亚城市也是其中之一。 我们基金组织的


Update 5
March 22nd,2020 年 3 月 22 日

The Corona Virus Relief Fund has about $7000 left.  Now the coronavirus fight is in our town. 
Our committee decides to use the rest of the fund to help our local hospitals and community 
in this fight.  We understood that your original donation was for Corona Virus Relief in China. 
We hope you agree with us that we continue to use the fund for relief of our community. If you 
don’t agree for the use of the fund, please let us know within two weeks and we will respect 
your opinion and will refund your donation.


Update of Corona Virus Relief fund (4)

Total donations: 16,589.28 (by February 24, 2020).  We decided to close this fundraising effort and do not accept any more donations.

We purchased 20,300 masks and protective gowns and most of them are already sent to China by FedEx, “guest carrier” (returning scholars) and UPS.  A small portion is still in New York to be shipped.  The following is a partial list of recipients: 
             Hunan Xiangxi county hospital: 1,600
             Hubei TianMen Hospital : 2,000
             Hubei  Xiaogan: 2,000
             Union Hospital of Tongji Medical University: 8,000
             Hubei Wuhan Nonprofit community: 800.

Total expenses:  $10,168.03

The rest of the donation will be sent to the Non-profit organization   NAMCM (www.NAMCM-us.org).  They are pooling the money to purchase medical equipment for the ICU units of the hospitals. They have pooled a total of more than $ 1 million for the equipment purchase.

Thank you for your love and prayer.  

  武汉肺炎基金进展报告(三) 2020 年 2 月 7 日

截止 2 月 7 日,收到捐款金额近 $10000.00, 感谢南卡哥伦比亚的所有支持者, 紧随着还会收到更多的捐助。
一, 根据世界卫生组织(WHO)的规定, 决定更改新的名称为:冠状病毒肺炎救 助基金 (Corona Virus Relief Fund)。同时捐赠网站以及哥伦比亚华人教堂 Facebook 进行了相应的更改。
二,通过 Carolinas Dermatology clinic 我们购买了超过 8000 美元的医资物品, 包括医用口罩,眼罩和隔离衣。目前组织正在努力将这些物资尽快送达中国的 医院。
1)已经通过一位回国学员带回 1600 个附有眼罩的 3 级口罩成功送达“湖南永顺 县人民医院”,此医院已经确诊多名患者。
2)发送了 19 箱医资物品到达纽约的湖北宜昌同乡会救助组织,正在送往湖北 医院。同时要求他们发送 一些物资到达我们所需的两家医院。
三,目前我们面临的挑战是购买正确的医资设备并及时发送到中国的医院。同 时我们南卡疫情组织还收到了其它华人组织的请求去帮助购买和发送物资。


Update 3

In accordance with WHO, we decide to change the name of the Wuhan relief fund.The new name:
Chinese. 冠状病毒肺炎救助基金
English: Corona Virus Relief Fund.  

change has been made accordingly in our donation site and church Facebook.   

The corona virus fund has close to $10000 donations and more is coming thanks all for the support.

Through the Carolinas dermatology clinic, we have purchased over $8000 protection supplies including medical masks , eye shields and isolations gowns.  We are busy sending those to the hospitals in China.

We have successfully sent out 1600 level 3 masks with eye shield through a returning scholar to  a county hospital in West Hunan where multiple patients  have been identified.  湖南永顺县人民医院。 

We also shipped 19 boxes of supplies to a relief organization  湖北宜昌同乡会 in New York. Those shall be sent to Hubei ‘s hospitals .  We also ask them to send some of our supplies to two hospitals our community have requested. 

The challenge we have now is to purchase the right equipment and send them to China in a timely fashion.   We also have received request from local community to help purchasing and sending  out supplies.  Thank you for all your support and prayer. 

Wuhan Pneumonia relief fund update (2)
Total fund received as of 01/29/2020:  $5480
Purchase of needed medical supplies
In the last few days,  I had several email and phone communications with MVI. They initially agreed 
to accept our fund. But they have already received over $65000 donations and they have difficulty to 
purchase the needed supplies. They needs help. Dr Shu and Jun Wang of MVI told me that if we can 
secure the supplies, they will be  able to help to send them to Wuhan The next flight out is 
02/05/2020.  他们过海关的通道已经开通。
I then contacted an old friend Dr Angello Lin of Savannah.He is transplant surgeon in MUSC. He has 
been working with Charleston Chinese community to raise Wuhan relief fund as well. He is the one 
in charge of purchasing the medical supplies and sending them to Wuhan through Shanghai. 
Charleston have already raised $15k.  but he also had difficulty to secure the supplies since a lot of 
people are trying to buy them now. 
Yesterday (01/29/2020),  I asked for help from my dermatology practice office. I gave Sherry, who is 
in charge of medical supplies purchase, a list of medical supplies we need. She started talking to a 
few supply companies. I asked her to secure supplies up to $15000. ($10 k for us assuming we can 
raise $10 K and, Dr Angello Lin asked me to buy $5000 supplies for them if possible ).  
This morning Sherry was able to order $5354 supplies which mainly Level 2, Level 3 (most) and 
Level 4 (the highest level) face masks and Procedure dual guard mask w shield. (see attached 
spreadsheet).  All products will be delivered to my practice (as required by the vendor). All charges 
are on my credit card and it will be reimbursed from the fund later.
I will consult with MVI and Dr. Angello Lin to see what additional supplies we need to order. I will 
continue to ask Sherry to order for us since she is an expert.
 Delivery to China:

 We have two options now:
  1.  Option one: Through Charleston/Dr. Lin:   two visiting docs in MUSC have been involved in the 
    delivery.  They can ship them supply to Shanghai ia FedEx at 80% discount and then transferred 
    to Wuhan hospitals.  他们过海关的通道已经开通。
  2. Option 2.  Send them to MVI so they can be sent to China by air on 2/5/2020.
I prefer (and suggest) to work with Charleston since we can deliver them to China fast.  I will need a 
few volunteers to send them out in the next few days.



  冠状病毒肺炎救助基金 (Please scroll down for English)

目前,一种新兴的冠状病毒正在影响着中国成千上万的普通百姓。 由于疫情规模大,许多医院都
缺乏医疗用品。 许多人面临死亡的危险。 他们需要我们的帮助。

为了帮助受到武汉肺炎影响的患者和医疗专业人员,哥伦比亚华人社区共同发起 ”武汉肺炎救助





我们确定的第一个组织是MVI(国际医疗志愿者国际医生志愿者)。 http://medvolunteers.org/




支票抬头 请写 Corona Virus Relief Fund, Chinese Christian Church of Columbia
网上捐赠:点击 Donate 键,请注明 "Corona Virus Relief Fund")



Corona Virus Relief Fund

Right now a new emerging Coronavirus is affecting tens of millions of ordinary people in China.  
Due to the scale of the outbreak, there is a shortage of medical supplies in a lot of hospitals. 
A lot of people are facing the danger of dying.  They need our help.  

In order to help patients and medical professionals affected by this outbreak, the Columbia 
Chinese communities at large jointly sponsor the Corona Virus Relief Fund.

The sponsoring organizations include 

Chinese Association of Columbia 
Chinese Christian Church of Columbia
Chinese School of Columbia
Confucious Insitute, University of South Carolina
Living Stone Chinese Christian church

The fund will be used solely to purchase needed medical supplies and send them directly 
to hospitals in the affected area.

We will partner with a few reputable non-profit relief professional organizations to facilitate 
the purchase and transportation of supplies to China.   

The first organization we identified is MVI (Medical Volunteer International) http://medvolunteers.org/
They have years of experiences in the medical relief all over the world and have sent volunteer 

physicians to Wuhan already. They have established channels for the purchase and transportation 
of needed supplies.

We will also consider partnering with additional professional organizations as we move forward.